Just-In-Time  Contracting,


About Us

Just-In-Time Contracting, LLC was founded in April 2009 by Justin Turk. Just-In-Time Contracting, LLC is fastly becoming widely recognized in providing superb craftsmanship and construction tailored to sophisticated and challenging commercial and residential projects.

As a family owned business, Justin Turk is President of Just-In-Time Contracting, LLC has over 10 years in the construction industry and is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. He is directly involved in the construction and supervision of all projects preformed by the company. Mr. Turk's experience has given him a unique capacity of visualizing and offering practical solutions to problems that arise during remodeling and construction to avoid possible predicaments.

The Turk family continues to build a reputation of high quality remodeling and construction performance and customer service satisfaction.

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